Financial Advisory

Corporate Finance and Restructuring

Corporate Finance is one of our primary advisory services. Our objective is to assist our clients in creating and retaining shareholder value.

Our services include-

  • Corporate financial structuring
  • Business review and planning
  • Investment strategy
  • ROI analysis
  • Corporate debt restructuring
  • Balance sheet management advisory
  • Analysis of complex financial transactions and commercial issues
  • Business valuations
  • Assistance in negotiations and legal documentation up to closure of the deal
  • Due diligence

Mergers & Acquisitions

We provide complete tailor-made M&A services through one of the most experienced and well-rounded team of investment managers, legal and accounting professionals.

Our services include-

  • Target identification
  • Business case development
  • M&A structuring
  • Due diligence
  • Valuations
  • Deal implementation and closure

We provide a whole gamut of professional post merger integration services to ensure merger objectives are met.

Transactional Services

Whether representing buyers, sellers or lenders, we offer comprehensive due diligence advice and hands-on support in evaluating opportunities across the risk/return spectrum. Experienced in high-profile, high-stakes transactions, we help our clients maximize value and minimize risk.

Services for Buyers

  • Synergy analysis
  • Analysis on quality of earnings
  • Assess key value drivers and risk factors
  • Advice on tax and accounting structures
  • Advice and assistance in contract and valuation processes
  • Due diligence

Services for Sellers

  • Assist in managing sales process
  • Providing vendor due diligence
  • Advice on increasing efficiency of sale process
  • Advice on valuation of businesses or firms for sale
  • Evaluating quality of earnings, balance sheet and working capital requirements
  • Assistance in negotiating with buyers on the client’s behalf
  • Assistance in documentation of offering memorandum

Services for Lenders

  • Advice on lending decision-making process, for both domestic and foreign-based opportunities
  • Cash flow projections and sensitivity analysis
  • Advice on reviewing of business plans
  • Analyzing collateral and monitoring portfolios
  • Advice on credit restructuring and alternatives
  • Providing backup management services
  • Support to manage due diligence process

Risk Advisory

Our Risk and Compliance team proactively helps our clients in increasing profits whilst reducing operational, financial and other risks. We have qualified and experienced professionals who are familiar in managing diverse issues including statutory compliance, risk frameworks and models, anti-money laundering and business re-domiciliation.

Our services include-

  • Integrated risk management
  • Financial risk management
  • IT risk
  • Statutory compliance & reporting services
  • Tax reporting services

Financial Feasibility Studies

We conduct financial and technical feasibility studies to identify key drivers, risks and opportunities in a new venture. We also provide detailed project reports to source equity and debt for your new venture.

Our services include-

  • Economic analysis and project feasibility
  • Market analysis and market structure reviews
  • Modeling of projected demand (for new product and services)
  • Capital requirements projections & operational costing scenarios
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Options appraisal and due diligence

Due Diligence

When establishing a business relationship with a client and also on an ongoing basis, we are required to apply appropriate Due Diligence measures on the business relationship.

Our due diligence services in various categories include-

  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Commercial
  • Customer

Legal due diligence seeks to examine the legal basis of a transaction, for example to ensure that a target business holds or can exercise the intellectual property rights that are crucial to the future success of the company. Other areas that would most likely be explored include legal structure, contracts, loans, property, employment, pending litigation etc.

Financial due diligence focuses on verifying the financial information provided and to assess the underlying performance of the business. This would be expected to consider areas such as earnings, assets, liabilities, cash flow, debt, management etc.

Commercial due diligence considers the market in which a business sits, for example involving conversations with customers, an assessment of competitors and a fuller analysis of the assumptions that lie behind the business plan. All of this is intended to determine whether the business plan stands up to the realities of the market.

Every Business has an obligation under the Prevention of Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing Regulations to ensure that we “Know Our Client” in order to protect ourselves in the event that any of our clients should use a global business structure for the purposes of money laundering, drug dealing, terrorist financing or any other illegal activity.

Valuation Advisory

We have a strong globally acclaimed team who has provided cross border support in conducting business valuations.

Our valuation advisory services include-

  • Going private, management buyout, acquisition, PIPE, and Fairness Valuations
  • Solvency
  • Collateral Valuation
  • Intellectual Property and Intangible Asset Valuation
  • Going Concern Valuation
  • Portfolio Valuations for Private Equity Funds, Hedge Funds, Banks and other Capital Market Constituents
  • Derivative Valuation
  • Enterprise, Business and Asset Valuations
  • Purchase Price Allocation and Goodwill Impairment
  • Equity/Share Based Incentive and Compensation for Services
  • Distressed Asset Valuation