Category 1 Global Business license is  issued as a resident corporation in mauritius  and to do any legal  business activities outside mauritius. This is suitable to Corporates seeking to expand and enjoy benefits from DTAA countries. Category 2 Global Business license is issued as a non resident corporation to do any legal business activities outside Mauritius. Corporates with business activities across borders and do not require benefits from treaties are suitable.

We advise, assist in formation of organization, management and  administration for all sizes and types of corporates.


Trust is a legal arrangement where trustees hold assets of a settlor to use, deal, manage  for the  benefit of beneficiaries whether or not yet ascertained or in existence, or for a specific purpose,  or for a charitable purpose.

We provide services for all types of trusts in trust formation,  registration, advise on objectives of the trust, management and statutory compliance required.


Foundation is a legal entity established  for charitable or non-charitable purpose, or for the benefit of a person or a class of persons, or for a specific purpose provided by means of a will or  charter of the foundation . The structure of the foundations is similar to trust.

Our services include providing assistance insetting up foundations, provision of council members, management and administration services.

Protected Investments

Protected investments is a separate legal entity with special vehicle structure suitable for both collective and closed-end funds. The entities under this structure are  independent and managed separately without recourse, thereby not affecting the investors or the holding companies.

Limited Partnerships

Limited Partnership is a legal entity  formed in accordance with the Mauritius Limited Partnership Act 2011 to carry any lawful business with atleast one partner in Mauritius