Process automation

Client Description

An e-commerce company that sells online groceries to more than one million households.

Business Problem

Client  was incurring a lot of loss on  product returns. Along with the logistics cost, increase in product returns were damaging the brand image.

Our Approach

To improve error in return management ,it was important to reduce the human intervention in the process and use technology to reduce the human intervention.The major reason for the problem was that wrong products were being picked up by the delivery boy.If barcodes of the product itself can be used to verify picked up the product then the errors can be completely eliminated.


We developed mobile picker apps that can be used with a scanner  to verify the picked up product.These apps were used by client staff for in store pick.Client was able to reduce the product returns by about 95% and save logistics cost.


Reduction in human interventions in operation by the use of technology can save cost and improve product and service quality.